From Foot Soldier to College Professor A Memoir







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  This is an amazing story of how many sinuous turns a life has got! Nevertheless, James C. Ma is strong enough to have seen it all through. Particularly, James, with his good administrative and leadership skills, shines as Department Head, Dean of Liberal Arts College, Provost and Dean of Students successfully at NCKU. As James' College classmate, I'm proud of how he rises from foot soldier to both literary professor and poet in name and in reality, never shying away from challenges.”──Fuhsiung Lin on October 4, 2020

  “A remarkable personal account concerning one of the epochal periods in Chinese History.”──Dr. Hsincheng Chuang

  “The vivid epitome of the individual struggle for survival in the big era; the magnificent life challenges to be admired by the others.”──Chair Professor, Weiming Lu, Institution of Education at NCKU

  “Prof. Ma's memoir shows his tremendous amount of guts and indomitable spirit in his personal odyssey in the late 1940s when retreating south in the Chinese Civil War. He fulfilled the essence of the quotes from Hemingway as saying: “Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” He was not defeated nor discouraged by the mistreatmeat of those vicious and illerate cadres on the Penghu Islands, and instead, he succeeded in earning his BA and advanced degrees MA and Ed.D. after he quit the army. This book is a tour deforce. And it inspires me with confidence to pursue my academic career.”──Assistant Prof., Shuimei Chung, I-Shou University


  1. 成功大學教授、《海鷗詩刊》發行人馬忠良回憶一生,翔實記錄如何從一名山東流亡學生淪為二等兵,再由二等兵發憤成為大學教授的經歷。

  2. 英文版由作者費時八年自行翻譯完成,不僅是作者個人的生平經歷,更是1949年國府遷台歷史活生生的見證!



1An Archaeological Site-Ling County
2Nicknamed: The Little Muddle Head
3Elementary School Days
4Secondary School Days
5A Group of Five on the Road to Qingdao
6Selling Shoes in Qingdao
7Shanghai! Shanghai!
8Students' Protest at Changanzhen
9The Trip to Longyou
10Rough Road to Fuzhou
11On the Jiho
12Press-ganded into the Army on the Penghu Archipelago
13Life and Death on the Penghu Islands
14Literary Friends in the Army
15Military Training Base in Taiwan
16The Taichung Incident
17Days in the Hospital
18Mr. Li Pingbo's Wisdom
19The Waishuang Stream
20Way to Higher Education
21University Days
22Nantou Secondary School
23Eating and Drinking Club
24First Trip to the U.S.
25Working Days in San Francisco
26The Taipei College of Business
27Second Trip to the U.S.
28Return to NCKU Again
29Heading the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
30Recruiting ESL Teachers in the U.S.A.
31Acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
32Dean of Discipline
33Reunion with My Sisters in Hong Kong
34A Poetry Journal
35The Tomb-Sweeping Trip
36The Beijing Trip
37Acting Chairman of Graduate Institute of Education
38Enjoying My Retirement
39Setting Up the Department of Applied English for Leader College
40″Pursuing the Star”
41The Course of Research Methodology
42Hemingway Studies

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James C. Ma

  Mr. Chungliamg Ma or James C. Ma received his B.A. in English at the National Cheng Kung University in 1964. After his graduation, he was an English teacher at Nantou Senior High and later, teaching assistant at NCKU. He earned his Master’ degree from the University of Oregon in 1971 and taught English at the Taipei College of Business for two years. In 1978, he was conferred Doctor of Education from Southern Illiois University. Having returned to NCKU in 1979, he taught as associate professor and later as professor. Afterwards, he was appointed Head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Dean of Discipline, Dean of Students, and Head of Graduate Institute of Education.

  After his retirement from NCKU in 1999, he was invited to start his second career at the Leader College of Management, a privately-funded institution of higher learning in Tainan. He set up the Department of Applied English and the Office of the Student Affairs for the school. He ended his second career in 2007.

  Mr. Ma is a poet having published an anthology in Chinese entitled: Birding in the Winter Time with Binoculars, and though an octogenarian, he still writes poems. In 2012, his memoir in Chinese was published by Showee Information Co., LTD. Taipei, Taiwan. And he got his English edition of memoir done in 2021. He often says: “To my son and daughter, I’ll leave nothing but a copy of my memoir in Chinese; to my granddaughters, my memoir in English.”